How to Stimulate Hair Growth – Useful Tips

If you are reading this, I suppose it is because you want to attain fuller, more vibrant hair, or perhaps you want to rejuvenate your hair after neglecting it for some time. Whatever your reason is, I have prepared the following tips to help you care for your hair and make it grow faster and longer.

1. Ensure you are eating right

You may think that observing the right diet is unrelated to the health of your hair, but it can make a huge difference. Hair is made of protein, so to have strong, beautiful hair, you should ensure that you are including enough protein in your diet.

Eating the rights fats is essential to the health of your hair. Omega 3 fats, which are found in fish as well as plant oils, are great for hair growth.

Make sure that you are getting adequate iron and zinc; they are vital in promoting the growth of healthy hair. Iron is usually responsible for delivering oxygen to cells and follicles. On the other hand, zinc greatly helps in repairing tissue and ensuring that the oil glands around your follicles are operating properly.

Finally, as far as eating is concerned, get sufficient vitamin C. A lack of it can lead to lackluster and weak hair that is prone to breakage.

2. Minimize damage caused by styling

Although some styles may look fantastic on you, excess styling can quickly harm your hair. Some chemical applications and cleansers may result in thinning, damage, and even hair loss if they are used incorrectly. Some hairstyles, such as tight braids, may also make your hair loss even worse. It is also important for you to avoid repeatedly perming, crimping, relaxing, bleaching, or coloring hair as this could seriously damage it.

Use of excess heat when blow drying or flat ironing can singe your hair, so you should dry it manually whenever possible. Brush it only when it’s dry, as wet hair is more vulnerable to breaking. Brushing and combing in general should be done sparingly, limiting the number of times you do so in a day. Avoid detangling without a leave-in conditioner or the help of a detangling spray.

When pinning your hair back, do not use rubber bands – use a hair tie instead so that your hair cannot stick to the surface and ultimately be ripped out. By all means, avoid hairstyles that put unnecessary pressure on your hair such as cornrows and pony tails. They pin the hair back, causing stress to the follicles and consequently hindering hair growth.

When cleaning your hair, use the right shampoos and conditioners. Start by determining your hair type and then shop for the right products. You may want to consider going for products with ingredients that are known to promote hair growth, such as essential oils and avocado. These ingredients help in retaining moisture and oils while also minimizing split ends and other forms of hair damage.

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How to Stimulate Hair Growth – Useful Tips

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