How to Stop Hair Breakage and Diminish the Chances Of It Ever Coming Back!

woman with hair breakage problem

Congratulations, you’ve finally gotten rid of your broken hairs and not only do you feel better, but you look better too! How do you stop hair breakage from reoccurring?

In this article I’ll show you three ways to keep your hair intact and minimize any chances of shattering your hair into hundreds of pieces.

Product Selection

Maintaining your look with professional products is going to be a major factor with eliminating and minimizing hair breakage. The majority of the cheap products on the market today cause product build up, which coats (or seals) your hair and won’t allow any moisture to enter.

Bad news, because over time you will see your hair becoming dryer, weaker and finally …snap, crackle and pop …break off!

How you use (or abuse) heat

Now, you’ve learned the difference between the ways that heat can be applied to your hair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t abuse a perfectly good method of drying your hair.

When it comes to using a hooded dryer, falling asleep and leaning to one side or the other is a BIG no, no! Leaning to one side of the dryer brings that heat directly in contact with those hair strands, and depending on how hot that dryer is …well, I’ll let you use your imagination. Just know there is trouble involved and the long term end result won’t be good.


If you apply chemicals (or have a friend that will apply them for you) in the comfort of your home, the best advice I can give you is to stop! Listen, I’m only telling you this out of love. Because chances are unless you are one of my clients already… I won’t be performing the service for you anyways!

This has to be hands down, the biggest reason why breakage, thinning and a handful of other hair issues occur on what would normally be a perfectly good head of hair. Performing the service at home usually ends up with people decreasing the moisture and increasing the dryness levels in the hair!

Not to mention that when people do chemicals at home, nine times out of ten they aren’t getting those ends trimmed on a regular basis (another culprit).

For a gang of other bad habits to get rid of, along with information on establishing the perfect routine to encourage hair growth, stop hair breakage and smash black hair breakage to instantly elevate your look to diva status just click on one of the links on the right!

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How to Stop Hair Breakage and Diminish the Chances Of It Ever Coming Back!

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