How to Treat Damaged and Extremely Fried Hair

You are here because you have finally admitted to yourself that your hair is really fried. Some people may not know how their hair got so damaged, but most of us usually know. Perhaps you made your curling iron one of your best friends, the kind you would not go a day without, or even stayed out in the sun longer than is necessary.

What I mean is that your current state of hair may have been caused by a range of factors, including excessive dying. Whatever the case, one thing is a fact; if your hair feels like straw, then you can be sure that it is fried. Forgive me; I am not trying to make you feel worse than you already did. I am here to offer you a solution.

1. Cut or trim it

The bitter truth about fried hair is that it just cannot be repaired. There is a point at which certain damage cannot be repaired or restored. It might be painful to have to trim it, but you will be grateful you did a few months later when your hair has grown back in. Nevertheless, no one should make this decision for you; it should be your decision.

2. Camouflage it

Whether or not you have the damaged removed, why not consider camouflaging your fried strands? There are amazing clip-in hair extensions available in the market that can help you mask your hair.

3. Shampoo it less often

If possible, shampoo your hair less often, and if you can’t, at least be sure to use gentle shampoos or dilute your regular shampoo to reduce its potential to dry out your hair.

4. Good cleansing

Yes, you must start practicing a good hair cleansing habit. What does this mean? It means using luke warm water, if possible washing hair in a shower or sink instead of your tub, getting your hair wet before shampooing it, and shampooing it less often, as earlier proposed.

Other good cleansing habits include rinsing your hair thoroughly to prevent product build up, using a conditioning detangler, and avoiding usage of hot tools, such as hot irons, hot rollers, and blow dryers. Reserve such styling tools for special events, as this will give your already damaged hair sometime to heal.

5. Deep conditioning

Although a deep conditioner will not totally reverse any damage, some conditioning ingredients will go a long way in making your hair easier to detangle and provide adequate moisture balance.

6. Air dry your hair

Instead of rubbing your hair, try to towel blot until the excess moisture is eliminated. Additionally, always finish with a spritz of hydrating detangler or a leave in conditioner. If you have the time, allow your hair to air dry through plopping, bunning, or rolling in rag curlers.

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How to Treat Damaged and Extremely Fried Hair

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