How to Treat Thinning Edges and Prevent your Hair from Breaking Off

Hair edges thinning and breaking off is a common problem. It is more pronounced among black women, but everyone else can also fall victim to this problem. The good news is that hair thinning and break off around the edges is caused by problems that are easy to correct. There are three major causes that are to blame for this predicament.

First, thinning and break off on the edges may be caused by lack of oxygen around the affected areas. Secondly, the problem can be caused by hair being pulled too tightly and on a regular basis. The problem may also occur when hair around the forefront, nape, and sides isn’t being properly moisturized.

To remedy the problem of hair edges thinning and breaking off, start by not wearing anything too tightly around your head. Bear in mind that hair growth requires uninterrupted flow of oxygen and nutrients all around the scalp. In that case, you are advised to avoid wearing tight caps or scarves around your head. If you cycle or ride motor bikes on a regular basis, avoid tying your helmet too tightly. Also, avoid wearing a tight satin night cap.

You should also talk to your hair stylist. It is okay to strive not to be a difficult client; however, if you realize that your plaits hurt on the edges, make sure you talk about it. Ensure also that you oil between the lines on a daily basis.

Make sure that your hair style is not your own enemy. Some hair styles are associated with extremely tight edges. This may look good on face value; nonetheless, such styles have far-reaching consequences. No matter what style you choose, ensure that the edges are let as loose as possible.

Also, avoid tying wet hair. Hair in this state is quite elastic and often constricts when it dries up. Further still, you may use reliable gel to flatten your hair without pulling it too tightly.

It is also worth noting that hair edges dry faster than on other areas. To remedy this problem, you may consider using natural moisturizers and then using natural oils to lock the moisture in. Better still, get into the habit of massaging hair edges on a regular basis. Massaging, on its part, enhances flow of oxygen and nutrients to the affected areas. As you do this, consider using natural oils like olive, coconut, and jojoba oil. These oils will give you better results.

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How to Treat Thinning Edges and Prevent your Hair from Breaking Off

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