How to Treat Your Hair With Coconut Butter

Contrary to what many believe, coconut butter is different from coconut oil. Although both are from the same parent source, they are quite different and will yield different results when used for any purpose; butter contains the meat of coconut, while coconut oil does not. Thus, coconut oil cannot be used as a substitute for butter. With these facts in mind, let’s discuss how you can use this natural butter as a hair treatment product.

It is a well-documented fact that this natural butter is a fantastic product for your body’s nutrition. However, instead of consuming it the way we do with other foods, it can be applied directly to your hair in order for its benefits to be realized.

Like eggs, which can also be eaten or applied to hair, this butter is rich in proteins and fatty acids. These nutrients play a critical role in promoting overall hair growth and strength. Unlike eggs, though, it contains properties which reduce the damage caused by ultra violet rays on your hair and skin.

To get the best results, massage one tablespoonful of warmed butter into your hair just as you would a leave-in conditioner. This will not only leave your hair smelling yummy, but it will give it a radiance that synthetic products cannot match, as well as repairing damage.

This amazing natural butter will also effectively help you sail through winter. Generally, most people lose a lot of hair during winter, possibly because it is one of the most stressful seasons. Yet with this butter, you can go through the season without experiencing extreme shedding.

A point to bear in mind is that coconut butter is a strange product. It can be smooth, liquid, solid-rock, or even crumbly. It also burns fast, so it is not advisable to “microwave” it for a more than 30 seconds. Unlike most related products, this one does not require refrigeration. It can be stored in a closed container or in a glass jar.

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How to Treat Your Hair With Coconut Butter

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