How To Use Mayonnaise As An Effective Hair Treatment!

You see all sorts of hair treatment items in stores, on television commercials, and magazine ads. What you won’t see advertised as a miracle treatment product, is mayonnaise. Mayonnaise, I put that on my sandwich? You do, but it is also great as a hair mask!

Hair treatments can often cost you a large sum of money, which maybe work. Many of the products used in salons consist of chemicals, and other non-safe ingredients. Mayonnaise is an all-natural effective treatment, and I’ll explain why, and how to use it.

If you don’t have any mayonnaise, go to the store and buy regular full fat mayonnaise.

Now we’re ready to get started, go ahead and wash your hair with hot water, don’t use shampoo. Hot water will open the follicles to receive conditioning from the mayonnaise more effectively, so the hotter the water the better. Make sure you get all of your hair wet with the hot water.

The next step, apply the mayonnaise very generously, make sure to coat every strand well. Apply the mayonnaise in a similar fashion as you would with a store-bought conditioner, massaging it in for several minutes. The ends of your hair are typically the driest, and possibly dead hair. You will want to concentrate on putting a lot of the mayonnaise mask on the ends of your hair.

After you’ve covered all of your hair, and focused on the ends, its time to wait for the mayonnaise to work.

The oils from the mayonnaise will take a while to absorb into your follicles. Suggested times are a minimum of half an hour, but you can allow the mayonnaise to soak for up to an hour.

If you have a shower cap to put on after you applied the mayonnaise treatment, put it on to cover your hair, while you wait. If you don’t have a shower cap, you can use a plastic wrap or cling wrap to keep the mayonnaise on your hair, and off your floor and body.

You can also wrap a towel around the shower cap, or plastic wrap for security, and to help hold in the heat to help the oils absorb into the follicles. Finally, after you’ve waited the suggested time frame, you can now take the towel and plastic off of your hair.

Rinse the mayonnaise mask out of your hair for several minutes, with hot water. Rinse with only hot water, no shampoo or conditioner. Towel dry your hair, and allow it to air dry the rest of the way.

You’re done, and you can enjoy hydrated, healthy hair, with only the use of mayonnaise!

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How To Use Mayonnaise As An Effective Hair Treatment!

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