How to Wash Your Hair With Beer

Beer softens the mood of old, irritable men. However, this product does more than that. Most important of all, for both ladies and gentlemen, it softens hair. Beer has also been found to be effective in introducing a shine to dull hair. Although many shy away from trying this smelly concoction, the results are worth it, and the smell of beer fades away quickly.

Alcohol in beers acts as a cleaning and shining agent. Those who have used beer as a hair treatment also know that it is an excellent hair conditioning alternative. If you are using this unique hair treatment for the first time, we are going to guide you on how to do it.

Buy a bottle of beer, bring it home and open it. Pour its contents into a large jug or container.

Be informed that you are not interested in the frizzy, but flat beer. You will, thus, need to leave your jug of beer overnight (a few hours will also do). This will allow frizz or carbonation to escape, leaving the beer flat.

Next, shampoo your hair in the ordinary way. Instead of conditioning your hair the way you are used to doing it, skip that step. Instead, put your beer in a larger container and soak your hair ends.

Once your hair ends are well soaked, rinse the rest of the hair with the beer. Make no mistake of forgetting the scalp. This treatment requires each and every part of your hair and the scalp to be rinsed well. Ensure also that you massage the beer into your hair and scalp for 1 minute.

After massaging, rinse your hair with cold water. Make sure that you do not over-rinse as you do not want to take all the beer out.

That’s it.

After the experiment you should expect a few changes. For instance, you will notice that your hair is softer than it was before the treatment. You will also notice that there is a lot more bounce and volume to your hair.

Like any other hair treatment, exceptional results are achieved after a number of experiments or treatments have been carried out. Do not expect miracles after the very first treatment. All that you should know is that beer effectively cleanses the scalp and softens hair. You are entitled to these benefits if you carry out the experiment with regularity.


Washing your hair with beer.

How to add body do your hair with beer.

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How to Wash Your Hair With Beer

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