Importance of Hair Vitamins for Black Women

A huge number of black women have trouble with issues of hair growth. If you are looking for an effective solution to this problem, hair vitamins is what you should be considering. Hair growth vitamins has the potential to make a huge difference in making your hair healthy and consequently grow longer.

One of the things that cause slow growth of hair and its breakage is having damaged hair. Your hair can further be exposed to damage with increased heat usage, as well as chemical treatments. Hair vitamins can be very useful in making your hair grow longer, as you get to experience less breakage and hassles.

How does hair vitamins help with hair growth?

They help in your hair growth by feeding it with a constant supply of important nutrients. For instance, Vitamin B7 aids in the metabolism of fatty acids in your hair, which plays an important role of promoting creation and growth of new cells. While biotin cannot be applied topically, you can find it in raw egg yolk, peanuts and liver. You may want to consider using raw egg yolk as an ingredient when making one of your favourite homemade hair masks and treatments in your kitchen.

B vitamins are relied upon by the hair for it to be healthy. B vitamins usually range from B1-3, B5, B6, B9 and B12. While all these B vitamins are essential for your hair growth, B12 stands out from the rest as it is the one that has the biggest impact in your hair growth. Therefore, if you can find it and the rest as well and have it into your system, you will no longer have issues with hair growth.

Other vital vitamins that help with hair growth are vitamins C and E. Vitamin is useful for keeping your hair strong while vitamins E plays an important role of condition your scalp and keeping it healthy. It achieves this by increasing the flow of blood to the bulb of the scalp.

Drinking spring water

I am not saying that tap water is not good, but switching to spring water can enhance your hair growth. Spring water is known to contain numerous vitamins and minerals that help in hair growth such as zinc which is responsible for the creation of cells, growth and repair of tissues, as well as maintenance of glands that secrete oil in the scalp.

Taking hair stimulating vitamins and drinking spring water will go a long way in making your hair grow faster. Also remember to utilize good hair care products and eat healthy.

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Importance of Hair Vitamins for Black Women

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