Inexpensive Permanent Hair Removal Products

Hair removal appears like a never ending task that is characterized by discomfort, not forgetting the financial drain that comes with it. However, I found several easy to use products that usually get the job done, but on a shoestring budget. Unfortunately, one salon treatment can cost as much as $3500, and still need additional treatments.

Therefore, if you have the money to spend on such luxury, then it means more power for you. However, for most people, the hunt might be in to get permanent hair removal products that will give them desired results.

1. The One Touch Deluxe Home Electrolysis

It uses similar method as the expensive salon electrolysis. Normally, an electric current passes through the probe when inserted into the hair follicle beneath the skin.

One Touch Deluxe Home Electrolysis


The current is then transported to the bottom shaft of your hair, and thereby destroying the hair roots. The normal growth cycle is usually around three months, therefore there is no cause for despair when you see that the hair has started to grow in a few weeks.

The dark and coarser untreated hairs will also gradually get cleared. The probe wears off after it has been used for several months, and you may want to replace it. It will cost you around $40 at the online stores, such as Amazon.

2. The Tweeze

This one is made by Emjoi, and it is an amazing little unit for removing hair on small surfaces, such as the under arms and upper lip. Tweeze is cordless and operates using 2AA batteries, which makes it a great product when travelling. Although it is quite painful during the initial touch, it quickly and effectively clears all the hairs on its path, whether thick or thin.


You should it once in a week to maintain your lip area as silky smooth as possible while eliminating bumps. Over time, the hair becomes finer and lighter. For those using it for the first time, be ready for that good sting, but it is worthwhile to hang in there and get those hairs removed in just two minutes. You can get an economical tweezer for $15.

3. Emjoi Opti-Mini

This is one of the numerous epilaptors found in the market. However, this unit has an outstanding feature that is worth investigating.

Emjoi Opti-Mini Epilator

While most of the epilaptors usually work in one direction, this one works in two opposite direction, thanks to its dual heads. The benefit of this is the reduced pinching, as well as discomfort, which enables you to work without flinching.

Continued and regular use of this product weakens the hair shaft and ultimately destroys the root. This product retails at $51 on Amazon; look out in other online stores to find out if there are better deals in the market.

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Inexpensive Permanent Hair Removal Products

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