Jojoba Oil for Your Hair – Learn the Benefits

Jojoba oil is natural. Unlike conventional hair products, it does not contain even the smallest traces of silicone, alcohol, or harsh ingredients. This product ranks highly on the list of the most powerful essential oils for hair. The oil has several traits that distinguish it from other natural and synthetic oils. Most importantly, it’s the only product whose molecular structure is the same as that of sebum (natural hair oil). Secondly, this natural oil has a long shelf life.

This essential oil, which is native to Arizona, California, and Mexico, has been used as a natural hair treatment for centuries. One of the reasons that make it a popular choice is that it is easily accepted by the scalp. It does not mess with scalp PH. This is because, as already mentioned, it has the same molecular structure as natural oil.

Jojoba also has excellent antibacterial properties. It has the reputation of calming irritated scalps. Individuals can also use it to manage dandruff problems.

This exceptional natural oil is composed of 98 percent monounsaturated fats and only 2 percent saturated fats. These properties allows it to penetrate hair follicles and strengthen hair fibers from inside out.

Jojoba oil can also be used as a conditioner. It hydrates hair from inside of the hair shaft. Besides hydrating hair, the natural conditioner helps add shine and elasticity. It is also known to soften tough hair.

Individuals with thin hair or hair whose volume is extremely low can also benefit from using jojoba. This product is known to add volume and body to hair strands making them appear and feel thicker. If your hair is naturally thin, however, this natural oil may not help you. The product does not have the capacity to change hair characteristics that are predetermined by heredity or genetics.

Another excellent way of using this oil is by mixing it with other essential oils, including olive or castor oil. Then, the mixture can be used to massage the scalp. Done regularly, this will improve scalp blood circulation. As it is well accepted, the nature of scalp circulation determines hair health. More nutrients and oxygen, guaranteed by efficient blood circulation on the scalp, will improve hair health.

Better yet, jojoba oil has excellent emollient properties. It, thus, helps repair hair damaged by styling or excessive use of heating tools like flat irons.

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Jojoba Oil for Your Hair – Learn the Benefits

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