Laser Technology: the Best Hair Removal for Dark Skin

It is a fact that people with dark skin and white skin are both ideal candidates for hair removal, especially when it comes to permanent hair removal. What is more, regardless of whether you are dark or white, you are given room to choose from a wide range of hair removal methods that are available in the market.

However, if your skin is dark, you ought to be more careful as not all the methods or devices will work well for you. There is some good news though: if your skin is darker and you are considering long term hair removal, the choices are quite simple.

Why and how is hair removal different for dark skin?

For starters, it is important to note that photo epilation entails the conversion of light rays into heat so as to ‘burn’ the hair follicles without causing injuries to the skin. Normally, the rays target the type of melanin that pigment a person’s hair. Darker skin usually contains skin melanin which demands high precision devices that can differentiate between the melanin in the skin and the melanin in the hair.

The darker your skin is, the higher the risk of you suffering side effects. This explains why it is very important to understand the differences between the devices available, as well as the method of hair removal. Conduct your own research first and establish your skin photo type before settling on the right hair removal technique for you.

Which is the right method?

One of the best techniques for dark women is the laser hair removal. This is actually the right method for people with darker skin who are considering long term removal of hair. The major principle behind this method is “selective photo thermalysis” via a device that makes the light converge into a narrow and coherent optical beam with one wavelength and all the particles moving in the same direction.

The impact of the beams is stable and accurately measured and also the emitted energy does not change throughout the procedure. If you choose to use this technique of hair removal, you should know that not all devices are equally appropriate for hair removal for dark skin.

Facts about hair removal for darker skin

1. Hair removals for darker skin is more painful than for the fair skinned individual.
2. The number of sessions before getting the final results are generally higher for darker skinned individuals compared to fair skinned individuals.
3. Avoid tanning before or after going through laser hair removal.

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Laser Technology: the Best Hair Removal for Dark Skin

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