Making Hot Oil Treatments for Hair at Home

You can spend a fortune on all sorts of hair treatments to do at home, or have in a salon. One of the most popular treatments at the moment is a hot oil treatment. Hot oil is known to moisturize and take good care of your hair. Making these treatments is very easy, and shouldn’t take much effort. Just follow this guide for more details.

Hot oil hair treatments are carried out using hot oil. This can be applied to the hair to nourish and moisturize it. Hot oil works better than cold oil, because it makes it much easier for the hair to absorb the oil, and stay looking beautiful and shiny.

Making the Treatment

Hot oil treatments are very easy to make, as they only really use one ingredient, and that is oil. There are many different types of oils that you can choose. One of the most popular is olive oil. This is because it is so easy to find and use. Olive oil is a liquid at room temperature, and very easy to work with.

One of the best oils to use is Coconut oil. This can be a bit more difficult to find, but is certainly worth it. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature, so it will need to be heated up to make it possible to apply to your hair.

Heating Oil

Whichever type of oil that you decide to use, the process of heating it is the same. The oil should be very gently heated in a pan. Don’t make it so hot that you can’t touch it, but make it just slightly warm. You will need to handle it, so shouldn’t be scalding hot.

Applying the Treatment

Once the oil is warmed up, you can then set to work applying it to your hair. This can be done either with your fingers, or alternatively, with a small toothbrush. The toothbrush can be dipped in the oil and applied directly to your hair.

When the oil is applied all over the hair, it can then be massaged in. Massaging will also help to stimulate circulation, which will improve hair growth. You can wrap your head with plastic wrap, or use a shower cap then leave the oil on for about half an hour. It is also possible to leave the oil on your hair for longer, even overnight, if it is very dry.

Hot oil treatments are some of the best solutions which can be used to treat dry, damaged, and dull looking hair. You can do these at home with very inexpensive and easy to find ingredients, this means that there’s no point to spend a lot of money on salon treatments.

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Making Hot Oil Treatments for Hair at Home

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