Natural Hair Color Recipes: Do they Work?

Are you looking for a completely natural hair dye and safe ways of coloring your hair? You share the same sentiments with millions of other people who want to change their hair color without using dangerous chemicals which can be hazardous to their health. Natural hair color recipes are great alternatives to chemical dyes considering that they are also very effective.

Why should you go for natural hair color recipes

For starters, chemicals found in the hair dye have been associated with extremely harmful effects. Use of chemical dyes has been linked with diseases such as cancer, respiratory disorders and several allergic reactions. One also needs to be careful and avoid dyes labelled as natural since they even contain hazardous chemicals such as ammonia, PPD, resorcinol, even when it is in reduced amount.

PPD is known to damage the DNA of human cells and also causes allergic reactions. Separate research studies have revealed that those people who utilize hair dye are at a higher risk of developing multiple myeloma, lymphoma and leukemia. Therefore, using natural dyes will spare you the agony of suffering from these conditions.

How do natural dyes work?

The majority of natural dyes perform progressively even though some deliver instant results. The progressive dyes obviously demand being used more than one time or at least repetitively to achieve the desired color. At other times, even the progressive ones have been reported to deliver immediate results some times.

Some natural hair dyes such as walnut powder is among the most potent and powerful. Using this natural dye can help your hair color drastically, if that is what you want to achieve. Coffee is also another popular and effective natural hair dye that has been observed to make a huge difference from just one time use.

Ensure to test natural dye

Before using any hair care product, it is recommended to test it using a few strands of your hair. The same applies when using natural dyes, you may want to consider the dye you choose to use, to test its effect on the color of your hair. This is especially important if you have used any chemical dyes in the recent past. Therefore, a strand test is a must if you do not want to witness any bad surprises with your hair.

This important information will be very helpful even as you prepare to dye your hair using natural ingredients. If you had any doubts concerning natural dyes, now you know better; they are the best!


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Natural Hair Color Recipes: Do they Work?

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