Natural Hair Straightening Treatments Without Chemicals or Heat

Straight hair seems to be all the rage at the moment. Everybody wants to have silky smooth perfectly straight locks. The problem is, that not everyone’s hair is naturally straight. For this reason many women spend a small fortune to have their hair straightened for them. If you don’t want to have curly hair, then you will need to think of different ways to straighten your hair.

Straightening Hair

There are quite a few different methods, which can be used to straighten hair. This will normally either involve chemicals or heat. The most common technique used at home is hot straightening irons. These are two flat plates, which heat up and press your hair. The heat and the pressure will result in your hair being perfectly straight.

While these techniques do work, they can also lead to damaging your hair. You might notice split ends, or just the shine is starting to fade. In this case you will need to find an alternative. There are actually some completely natural hair-straightening treatments available.

Temporary or Semi Permanent

There are a couple of different types of natural straightener. These include temporary and semi permanent treatment options. Temporary is great if you love your naturally wavy hair, but you want it straight for one party. The results can simply be washed out whenever you want your normal hair back.

Semi permanent natural straightening solutions will last different lengths of time depending on your hair. They can keep your hair perfectly straight for a maximum of 6 months. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy straight hair without needing to reapply the treatment quickly.


Because most of these hair straightening natural treatments last for longer than just a day, they are actually very convenient. Once you have had the treatment done, your hair will stay naturally straight for up to six months. This means that you don’t need to worry about straightening your hair every time you want to go out. Instead, you just need to get up and brush it as normal. This gives you the convenience as if you had naturally straight hair.


Because these treatments only use natural ingredients there is very little risk of complications. Very few people will be allergic to the treatment. These treatments also wont cause any damage to your hair.Your hair will stay looking its normal soft and shiny self. This also means you wont need to buy special shampoos to try and repair your dry hair.

Natural hair straightening treatments are available in salons, or at home. You can purchase natural treatments online. These come with instructions and are very easy to use.

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Natural Hair Straightening Treatments Without Chemicals or Heat

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