Natural Home Remedies for Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is caused by several factors that remove natural oils and moisture from the hair. Taming frizz should not be a difficult thing to do. To start with, you may need to stop using heating appliances or chemicals that leave the scalp dry. Also, avoid being rough with your wet hair. Instead of roughly rubbing it with a towel when it is wet, try squeezing it gently.

Besides avoiding certain practices, you may also give a natural home remedy a try. First, you may try a apple cider vinegar rinse. The acidity contained in apple cider vinegar does a good job of taming frizzy hair. As a bonus, this home remedy gives a healthy shine to your hair. After shampooing with a mild shampoo, proceed to pour apple cider vinegar on it. Cover your hair, and let it sit for 30 minutes, before rinsing with cool water.

The second natural home remedy is an olive oil and avocado mask. This mixture is like a natural conditioner – both avocado and olive oil have excellent hydrating properties. Avocado has an additional benefit in that it has fatty acids that effectively tame frizziness.

This is how you make the mask: mash a medium-sized avocado, and add a splash of olive oil. After shampooing with a mild shampoo, apply the mask, making sure that you cover all your hair. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes before rinsing with cool water. Where necessary, condition your hair to get rid of the avocado smell.

Thirdly, give an olive oil and egg mixture a chance. Start by whisking one egg and mixing it in one spoonful of olive oil. Egg yolk contains fats and proteins and is naturally moisturizing. Egg white, on the other hand, contains enzymes that are useful in killing bacteria and removing unwanted oils from the scalp. Meanwhile, olive oil serves as an emollient that locks moisture into your hair. Prior to shampooing or conditioning your hair, apply the raw egg and olive oil mixture and let it sit for half an hour before rinsing and washing.

Another simple, yet effective, home remedy is carbonated water. After washing your hair in the ordinary way, rinse it with carbonated water. This low PH water is effective in eliminating frizz, same as apple cider vinegar.

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Natural Home Remedies for Frizzy Hair

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