Natural Remedies for Thinning Edges

The best way of dealing with a problem, any problem, is by attacking its root causes. Thinning edges, for instance, is mostly caused by self-sabotaging habits. Most importantly, the problem is caused by tight weaves and braids. This, though you may not be ware, causes excess stress to the edges and may cause hair to fall out. Buildup of chemicals from coloring and relaxing compounds also account for a significant amount of hair thinning problems.

Another self-defeating routine that may cause your hair to thin at the edges is wearing, on a regular basis, tight caps, helmets, scarves, or any other type of head-wraps. All these wraps make blood circulation on your scalp difficult or even impossible.

Besides self-defeating practices, hair thinning at the edges may be caused by several health conditions, including scalp dermatitis, and scalp psoriasis. Additionally, thinning edges may be caused by nutrient deficiencies, including iron and vitamin deficiencies.

Besides avoiding self-defeating habits and adapting healthy eating habits, you may want to try some proven natural remedies for thinning edges. Top on the list of these remedies is daily exercise. You may wonder what exercise has anything to do with hair loss, but the truth is that the two are closely related. Ordinarily, regular exercise enhances blood circulation to all part of the body, including the scalp. Uninterrupted circulation on the scalp promotes healthy hair growth and regrowth.

Another natural home remedy for thinning edges is castor oil. This natural product is quite effective in dealing with skin, scalp, and general hair loss problems. Most significant of all, castor oil promotes hair growth. Besides this role, it cleanses the scalp of all types of impurities. It also nourishes and thickens dry hair strands.

A further natural home remedy for dealing with this problem is coconut oil. This natural product deals with a wide range of hair related problems. It is well known for the role it plays in clearing dandruff that hinders hair growth.

Better yet, you can consider adding peppermint extract, rosemary oil, or cinnamon to your oils and massage regularly. Any of these natural remedies are effective in promoting scalp blood circulation, which is a necessity for hair growth. Other essential oils that you can add to your oil include jojoba and olive oils. They will all deliver exceptional results if used with regularity.

If symptoms persist, however, you are advised to see your trichologist or dermatologist.

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Natural Remedies for Thinning Edges

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