Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment – Product Review

Every single day I notice that a lot of people go to great lengths to take care of their hair, that sometimes I think that they would die before letting it get mistreated. And have you ever noticed that it is kind of ironic that, while they are trying to take care of it, they use a bunch of chemical products?

Sometimes I think that instead trying to maintain its soft and perfect quality, they actually spoil it. That is why I put my faith into the natural products, at least the ones that are supposedly natural as the brand indicates, but anyway it is absolutely the best for all, and not only our hair.

What Is the Problem?

For some men, their regular routine would be wash their hair with “x” shampoo brand and maybe a conditioner. But the truth is, that if we really want to take care of our hair as men, we need to take into consideration other hair treatment products. Or in other cases, we would need to repair our hair from maltreatment we could have caused due to using an “x” shampoo brand that damages our hair or even our scalp. For this reason, I will talk a little bit about the Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment from Paul Mitchell.

The Tea Tree Treatment

I seriously love this treatment for various reasons, let’s deepen this a little bit. First of all, it contains panthenol. Vitamin B5 or “panthenol” is the secret ingredient that makes many famous stars hair perfect; this is what makes their hair stay still and look perfect for a really long time.

So when we see on TV an actor with curly and bright hair, we now know that he is using a hair product with panthenol. Also, it is significant to know that if a person uses a hair treatment product with panthenol for a long time it will absorb in his or her scalp; so in other words, it will repair your hair or even your scalp if you use it regularly.

Besides containing Vitamin B5, the Tea Tree Treatment contains Vitamin E. This Vitamin has multiple benefits for both our skin and our hair. In our hair it works like antirust and it also repairs the damage that some other chemical products leave behind. A lot of women possess dry hair, which is a real problem for them but Vitamin E can help them recondition their hair.

When it comes to your decision on which hair product or treatment you will be purchasing, the first thing you may come to your mind will be how the product will leave your hair smelling. The Paul Mitchell treatment contains Peppermint, which will make you feel fresh and comfortable when using it.

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Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment – Product Review

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