Promoting Hair Growth with Carrot Oil for Hair

Carrot oil, commonly known as carrot seed oil is a highly essential oil that is known to perform various uses. It is normally for aromatherapy as well as in adding fragrance to many different products. Our main interest at the moment however, is the manner in which carrot will help in your hair care. This natural oil is especially beneficial in making your hair grow longer as well as strengthening it when applied externally.

Instead of using the many commercially prepared shampoos, lotions and conditioners that are made of harsh chemicals and preservatives, you would rather use natural oil which will guarantee your hair’s safety. What is more, it is very simple to make at home which means that you will not have to spend your hard earned money on expensive products.

What are the benefits?

This essential oil has many nutrients that are good for your hair such as Vitamins A and E. It helps in stopping hair loss and preventing split ends which in turn helps to retain your hair growth.

Try using it regularly on your hair to strengthen it and achieve that shiny look you have always seen in other people’s hair. Are you struggling with dry hair? Well, this essential oil does not only moisturize the skin but also your hair. Therefore, it will help solve your dry hair and prevent potential breakage and dullness.

How to use:

This natural product can be applied directly to the scalp and then massaged to the rest of the hair. It can also be applied as a hot oil treatment. You may also use it to apply on the ends to seal them and prevent the occurrence of split ends.

There are numerous products where this natural oil forms an important ingredient. The Organic Root Stimulator product line contains a carrot oil cream that can be applied on the scalp to strengthen the hair and promote its growth. Such creams are easier to use on the scalp than the regular oils that can be runny. Hollywood Beauty Hair Lotion also contains carrot oil root moisturizer.

If you want to see any differences on your hair, you must use this treatment consistently. Even though it has immense benefits on your hair, it can make it appear greasy, therefore apply it sparingly.

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Promoting Hair Growth with Carrot Oil for Hair

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