Proper Scalp Treatment For Hair Growth Enhancement

Many people worry about the quality of their hair. People that have hair of poor quality generally lack confidence and eventually lose their self-esteem due to their poor hair growth, which is characterized by weak hair, receding hairline or ultimately the loss of hair.

Scalp treatments are remedies that can help an individual gain back his or her confidence and self-esteem. These remedies also include the treatment of an individual’s hair follicles and this is done through medical and natural treatments.

The first step that an individual should always do to treat the scalp, so can help hair grow healthier, is to massage the scalp using the fingers. The individual should start from the back of his or her head up to the front part of the head, and do not forget to massage the sides. Massaging is a great treatment because the scalp reveals moisture, which is naturally produced once you start massaging the scalp. There is also an increase in the circulation of the blood, which improves hair quality and growth.

An effective treatment is also done with the help of a medicated shampoo. A good shampoo that will treat the scalp and at the same time helps in growing of hair should contain salicylic acids, coal-tar and zinc pyrithione. The shampoo should be used at least twice a week; this will help relieve dandruff or other scalp conditions, which inhibits proper hair growth. The person treating the scalp should make sure that the lather is worked thoroughly to the hair follicles and throughout the entire scalp with the use of his or her fingertips; it should be left there for some time and later rinsed with lukewarm water.

In order to form the hair structure, I would suggest using vitamins C, A, H, and also L-Cysteine. It is, therefore, recommended that people should embrace the habit of taking vitamins, whether from supplements or from the foods that they eat, so as to promote scalp care and treatment, and also the treatment of conditions such as baldness.

Styling creams and aids that contain ingredients such as jojoba oils, stinging nettle, and rosemary are very good in nourishing the scalp and the hair. Rosemary oil is highly recommended to use for hair thinning and speedy growth, because it has two very important factors. First, it slows down the natural hair shedding process. Second, stimulates the follicles for new growth.

Another herb that is used with great results is palmetto, as it inhibits DHT production that usually affects the scalp making individuals have stunted hair, which is thin and has changed color. Individuals should always remember to stimulate the scalp by brushing their hair at least two times a day with a brush that has wide bristles, since the stimulation is necessary as it also increases blood circulation just like massaging.

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The following video shows you the basic techniques for doing a treatment in order to cleanse your hair and scalp of excess oils and impurities:

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Proper Scalp Treatment For Hair Growth Enhancement

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