Protective Styles for Short Hair

People seem to run short of protective styles for short hair but this does not mean that they are hard to establish. There are plenty of cool and chic hairstyles that will always leave you looking younger and like a million bucks day in and out. If your hair is too short for the common protective styles such as twists and braids and yet you want to grow it longer, there are styles that you could wear to protect it. Regardless of the length of your hair, if your aim is to make it grow longer, it requires some protective styling.

1. Comb Coils

Also known as comb twists, this is one hairdo that you may want to try, even when your tresses are super short. This hair style should work on hair that is as short as one inch.

comb coils


You only require some gel or pomade and a rat tail comb. Begin by making small partings that are around one and a half inch and then wrap your hair around the tail end of your comb beginning from the root and progressing towards the end, as you gently release the comb from your hair on the ends. If you find it more comfortable and perhaps easier, you may also style your hair using fingers.

2. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are another great option for styling your hair. You can choose between creating simple and basic parts that run from the front to the back of your head or even get a fancy diamond designed pattern.

bantu knots

Using a gel or pomade, gently twist small parts of your hair into knots. If your hair is natural, you only need to tuck it into the base of the knot to secure it. Upon releasing it, your hair will have well defined waves or even kinky curls, an amazing look.

3. Twists

Women with short hair can also wear twists. However, hair that is shorter than two inches cannot be styled in twists.

finger twists

To achieve a more controlled look on your twists, ensure to direct them in the manner that you want them to fall, either towards one side of your head or towards the back. Again, you will need gel or pomade to achieve twists. When your hair is ready for something different, perhaps after it has grown longer, simply undo the twists and then enjoy your twist out.


The following video displays protective styles for African American women with short hair:

If you thought you were about to run short of protective styles for your hair, you are wrong. You now have three additional styles on your list, try some of these and look great even with your short hair.

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Protective Styles for Short Hair

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