Protein Hair Mask: Benefits, Recipe and Tips

If you were not aware, your hair is made of protein, typically keratin protein. This therefore suggests that the best hair products must be in a position to maintain a healthy balance of protein and moisture. It is quite unfortunate that most of the products do not meet this requirement. The majority of products are usually made of components such as alcohol and mineral oils that cannot stimulate hair growth or even help in preventing hair breakage.

It is for this reason that you should try deep conditioning your hair after every two weeks or once in a month depending on the type of your hair. This is where a homemade mask comes in handy. It is very useful because at least one is usually sure of what they are applying on their hair.

Start by shampooing your hair first. Some people prefer conditioning their hair before applying the mask, whatever you find good, it is still fine. Then crack an egg, pour it in a bowl and then beat it until it turns into liquid form. To the egg, add a few drops of your essential oils and about 5ml of lemon juice. Lemon juice is a great ingredient for clearing dandruff and also refreshes your scalp.

You now have your mask, apply it generously on your head and do not forget to massage it on your scalp. Allow the protein hair mask to rest on your hair for not longer than fifteen to twenty minutes as leaving it for so long causes the hair to dry. Rinse your mask out using cold or warm water.

To keep the moisture in, you may want to apply a few drops of essential oils on your damp hair. It is not a must for you to apply the oils on your hair but they are important for preventing your hair from drying out if you choose to blow dry your hair. You may want to consider allowing your hair to air dry. This is the best way to dry your hair instead of exposing it to heat tools such as a blow dryer.

Protein hair masks are very expensive in the salons and beauty stores. Therefore, instead of purchasing those expensive hair masks, you could try making your own mask at home. The good thing is that homemade hair masks are completely natural and if put under frequent usage, you are guaranteed of attaining long lasting results. Other natural ingredients that you can use to make protein hair masks include avocado, mayonnaise and yogurt among many others.

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Protein Hair Mask: Benefits, Recipe and Tips

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