Protein Shakes for Hair Growth

It is important to be aware of the value of protein in our diet. As a body building nutrients, proteins are crucial for tissue repair, as well as the construction of new tissue. Every muscle and parts such as eyes, skin, nails, and hair are made of protein. People struggling with  thinning or shedding hair might be lacking proteins. Our major interest here is on protein shakes, do they really help with hair growth?

One thing is true, your hair loss might be due to lack of proteins. These shakes come in handy in such circumstances and the good thing about them is that they are easy to prepare. Meeting the nutritional demands of hair is important for anyone who wants to maintain healthy hair. Specifically, there are some whey protein shakes formulated for providing vitamins and other supplements required for stopping thinning hair and promoting healthy hair.

They also contain the nutrition support needed for achieving richer, fuller, thicker, shinier, and more luster hair. Therefore, if you are struggling with hair loss problems, protein shakes would be very helpful in promoting growth of new hair, in terms of length and density.

But where do you begin?

1. Buy a quality protein shake mix made up of whole foods, vitamins, and minerals that can contribute to your hair heath. To be sure you are picking the right ones, go for the ones containing Vitamin E, herbs and essential amino acids.

2. You will have directions to make a shake on the label, follow them religiously. You may also want to try preparing a shake using pineapple, it will greatly promote hair growth.

3. Be sure to drink your protein shake every morning for a number of weeks and hopefully you will soon see impressive results. Apart from drinking your protein shake, try shampooing your hair using formula rich in protein when your hair appears oily, or at least more than once a week.


Are you presently observing a weight loss diet? If you are following a diet with low calorie for weight loss purposes along side protein shake, you might just experience hair loss. Do not be mistaken though, it is not the protein shake that is causing this problem, but the weight loss factor.

Furthermore, if you are experiencing dramatic hair loss, you should consult your doctor to examine the health of your scalp and the whole body in general. Your condition might be caused by another underlying reason, different from protein deficiency.

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Protein Shakes for Hair Growth

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