Protein Treatment for Long Natural Hair

Hair is composed of 70% keratin protein which is stored in the innermost layer of the hair. Protein is the main contributor in its structure. Hair experts refer to protein as the building block to each hair strand. Protein treatments for natural hair guarantees success because it rejuvenates hair damaged through constant shampooing and styling.

Natural curly hair depends on protein in order to sustain the root hairs. Natural hair that is exposed to harsh chemicals, sun, or pollution can easily be damaged through breakage, resulting in brittle or dull hair.

Hair conditioners have different protein concentrations, which influence the hair follicle. High protein concentrations harden the cuticle layer. This helps in strengthening the follicle and prevents any future damage to hair strands. Protein is the best solution in solving breakages and any other hair related problems.

Using protein for hair maintenance is vital because it makes it healthier, softer, and fuller. Products that contain protein supplements help in moisturizing because the moisture holds the hair together. Water sustains the hair structure by making it more flexible.

However, there is a downside of using excess protein—it results in making the hair feel crunchy and brittle. Hair products can be made at home using fresh avocado, eggs, yogurt, and honey for people on tight budgets. These homemade remedies are excellent because they revitalize and rejuvenate the hair. For example, the oils in avocados resemble the human skin oil, while the mild acid found in lemons is more effective than chemically manufactured products.

Testimonies from stay at home moms indicate that they prefer homemade protein products over the manufactured ones. To treat normal hair, eggs are used in order to condition the hair and egg whites only are used for oily hair. Yogurt and sour cream help hair because the lactic acid in the cream washes away the dirt while the milk fat in yogurt moisturizes the hair.

Olive oil helps in sensitizing the hair and skin, while honey attracts and maintains moisture. It is best used for dry or sun-damaged hair. Cornmeal deals with the removal of hair grease, which is a challenge for most women. Avocado oil is used in smoothening unruly hair.

To get the best of hair maintenance services, you need to use a wide toothed comb because it ensures that every single hair strand is treated. For effective hair maintenance, work with single hair strands from the root to the end, because it makes the hair more efficacious.

Have a look to the following video to see how you could make and apply a homemade protein treatment:

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Protein Treatment for Long Natural Hair

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