Receding Hairline Treatments for Men

Baldness can be very worrying for anyone suffering from it. Many men will first start to notice that their hairline is receding, which can make it difficult to style your hair and make it look nice. There are several different treatments for receding hairlines. This article will discuss a few different types of treatment which can be helpful to make your hair look much better.

Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness runs in families, and it can strike at pretty much any age. This is when your hair starts to recede, and you could also develop a bald spot. This can start affecting people in their twenties. By the age of 35, quite a few men will start to suffer from some form of hair loss. This condition can be especially damaging if it affects you in your 20’s.

What causes the Condition?

The Male pattern baldness is caused because the men’s hair can be destroyed by DHT, a hormone which is naturally found in the body. This attacks the hair follicles, and will eventually kill it off. Around 2 in 5 people will suffer from male pattern baldness at some time in their life.

Early Treatment

The best way to reduce hair loss is to act as early as possible, before the baldness starts to strong hold on your head. The earlier you start the treatment, the quicker you should be able to improve your hair, and make yourself look better.

Two treatment options exist, these include Propecia and Minoxidil. Different strengths of these treatments are available, depending on the type of hair loss you are suffering from.


Most people will find that Minoxidil is the best treatment option. Normally, you should use the high strength 12.5%, as this will have the best benefits. Some of these treatments also include Azelaic Acid to increase efficiency.

Some other treatments also include Propecia in the same preparation. This should help to speed up hair recovery and make your hair look its absolute best. Some of these treatments are only available with a prescription from your doctor, because they need monitoring. Go for a chat with your doctor to see if there is anything that you can do about losing your hair.

Anyone who wants to get the very best results for their hair will need to start treatment as soon as possible. Regularly check your hairline to check that it is getting better. You can adjust your treatment accordingly if one treatment option isn’t working. Continue checking the top of your head to make sure you aren’t still losing lots of hair.

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Receding Hairline Treatments for Men

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