Recipe: How To Make Hair Conditioner Bars at Home

Hair conditioner bars are not hard to make. What is more, there are an easy to utilize substitute for liquid conditioners. Since they are solid, you can pack them very easily without having to worry about any amount of leakage on your bags. You are saved from the hassles of having to worry about what you would do if your conditioner leaked.

Solid conditioner bars are also advantageous since they do not have added water. This bar recipe is highly concentrated, a characteristic which makes them last for a very long time. Therefore, if you allow them to dry out after using them, they can last for a very long period of time.

This type of hair conditioner is designed for use under wet conditions, such as in the shower after you have shampooed your hair. However, you can also use it on your dry hair if you are looking for a way to tame fly away, dry hair ends, as well as for detangling purposes.

How To Make Hair Conditioner Bars

Most people make this conditioner using shea butter, apricot oil, and argan oil. However, you may exercise some freedom and use butters and oils of your preference and measure.

You need the following ingredients to make this conditioner:

1. A saucepan containing around two inches of water inside it
2. Craft stick
3. Pint sized mason jar
4. Quarter cup of BTMS 50
5. Tablespoon of shea butter, Cetyl alcohol, 2 teaspoon of Argan oil and Apricot oil
6. Half teaspoon of DL Panthenol
7. 1.25 ml of phenonip
8. Twenty drops of pure fume essential oil, or substitute it with your favorite essential oils.

Begin by mixing together item 4 with all the ingredients in number 5 into the mason jar, and then place the jar into the saucepan. Then, heat the mixture on low to medium heat, until you are sure that all the ingredients in the jar have melted before turning off the heat.

You will be required to work fast because the conditioner will begin to cool very fast once it is removed from the water. Now, sprinkle item 6 and stir it using the craft stick, after which you should add item 7, and stir to allow the ingredients to blend.

The essential oils listed on item 8 above should now be added at this point, before pouring the conditioner to the mold. Give the conditioner bar time to become totally solid before you remove it from the mold.

Once it has become completely solid and you have removed from the mold, place it in a cool and dry place for around 24 hours, after which you can use it. There, you now have your conditioner bar!

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  1. Hello Kati,

    I was wondering if there is a substitute for BTMS? I have at home emulsimulse, emulsifying wax, stearic acid, polysorbate 20 & 80. Can any of these be used?
    Thank you: Judit

Recipe: How To Make Hair Conditioner Bars at Home

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