Scalp Sores: Causes And Treatment

Are you suffering from scalp sores? Well, scalp sores are a sign that you may be suffering from one or a number of skin conditions. It could also be a symptom of skin infection. Microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi or germs can infect your scalp.

Additionally, some skin care products could be the major cause of your scalp sores. In some instances, your doctor might have to examine them so as to determine what their causes are. Upon determining the causes, a health care provider should be in a position to treat the causes of scalp sores. Let us learn about scalp sores causes and treatment.

Let’s evaluate the causes of scalp sores

There are many reasons why you can develop scalp sores, but the major one is if you have an imbalance in the immune system of your scalp. With each passing day our scalp is usually subjected to bacteria, fungus and germs. While our scalp does a good job of fighting these organisms, most of the times the bacteria grows inside the scalp follicles and unfortunately, this is where most of the shampoos do not clean.

Ever heard of Psoriasis? This is another condition of the immune system that can also lead to scalp sores. If you have Psoriasis, cell turnover is unusually faster and because the skin cells are not mature yet, they pile on top of each other and consequently form itchy scalp sores. Tinea capitis, a type of ringworm, is a contagious fungal infection that causes scalp sores. If you are prone to minor injuries on the scalp, have a constantly wet head or poor hygiene, you are more likely to contract this infection.

How to treat scalp sores

There are specific medicated shampoos, creams and ointments that are usually prescribed for topical applications to treat the scalp. If the sore scalp is caused by tight braids, obviously you need to redo your braids. Also, you will be advised to avoid exposing your hair and scalp to harsh chemical treatments found in hair care products at least for the time being.

If you have issues with an unclean scalp, it is important to ensure that you clean it well to prevent the condition from becoming worse. Wash and treat your hair and scalp with specially formulated hair care products in order to keep scalp sores under control and eventually get rid of them forever. If the imbalance in the immune system is the cause, treating them might be difficult.

Medication may vary from oral to injections and application of topical creams on the sores. Pemphigus medication is associated with serious side effects and must be monitored by your doctor. Treatment of scalp sores could take years; you may need to be extremely patient depending on how bad your scalp sores are.

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Scalp Sores: Causes And Treatment

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