Silicon Mix Hair Treatment – Product Review

There are various varieties of hair products on the market that are used in achieving the best and perfect hairdo. Have you ever asked yourself if it is healthy to put a lot of these products in your hair? Or have you ever wondered if some ingredients build up with time? Silicon mix hair treatment is one of the commonly used hair products. Bellow, I will take a look at how this product works.

How does silicon mix hair treatment product work?

Silicon is often maligned and is in fact among the best and most effective components in both skin and hair care products. Silicon works on your hair by covering it with a waterproof coating, which serves the following purposes: one is to reduce the porosity of your hair, thus lowering the rate of humidity absorption. Due to this quality, silicon mix hair treatment is usually great for your hair in terms of straightening and smoothing.

The second purpose of this coat is to reduce the amount of moisture lost from the inside of your hair. This makes it great for conditioning your hair. The last purpose of this coat is to lubricate the surface of your hair so that it feels smoother and it is easier to comb. This usually makes your hair less tangled, as well as feeling slippery.

Does silicon mix hair treatment build up on someone’s hair?

This normally depends on the type of silicon hair product you use on your hair. Different silicone products exhibit different outcomes, as given bellow:
Cyclomethicone, which is volatile silicon, will not build up on your hair because it evaporates. It usually gives your hair a silky and smooth feeling, in addition to leaving it with incredible slip when it is wet.

Dimethicone copolyol, a lightweight, water soluble silicon, provides very minimal buildup on your hair. It is very useful as a conditioning shampoo component. Amodimethicone is chemically modified so that it can stick on the hair better. This means that it conditions your hair well, although it becomes more difficult to remove.

Dimethicone coats your hair, thus providing a great conditioning and shine to your hair. It is, however, highly water insoluble, thus making it very difficult when removing it. In addition to this, it is very attractive to both dirt and other pollutants found in the air, making your hair feel weighted.

How to deal with silicon mix hair treatment buildup

You should wash your hair with shampoo because it washes away silicon. For heavy users of silicon products, especially dimethicone, lather and rinse several times.

Silicon mix hair treatment products are very effective, provide a shine and assist in smoothing, as well as straightening, your hair.

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Silicon Mix Hair Treatment – Product Review

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