The Art of Blow Drying Short Hair at Home – Useful Tips

There is a great number of tips for blow drying long hair all over the Internet. On the other hand, tips for short hair, are not only scarce but also shallowly explained. So, what should you do if your hair is shorter? Firstly, it is important to note that contrary to what people think, a good number of women, including celebrities fall in this category of people with short hair. Let’s face it, blow drying can be frustrating and something you don’t look forward to.

So, here I intend to teach you how to blow dry your own short hair hassle free. Observe the following steps to make this process easy and quick.

1. Mix a pea size amount of your regular styling cream with a dime size amount of some extra-hold gel, this helps in giving your hair a softer and touchable texture that will not fall out. Using your finger tips, massage the mixture into your hair from the roots to the ends. Set your drier to a moderate speed and heat setting and then pinch and twist sections of your hair. Do this by aiming air flows at the hair roots so as to establish lift.

2. Remember to focus the warm air on the roots. Doing this helps to first dry the roots which in turn provides support to the rest of the hair, it offers it a lot of lift as well as volume. Ensure to work your hair all round your head and when you are sure that the roots are completely dried, style the sections around the face with a small and round ceramic brush.This type of a brush, is known to hold heat for longer than the wooden or plastic brush.

Maintain this brush throughout your blow drying session for drying the rest of your hair. The use of the right brush is key to getting good results and the worst mistake you could ever commit is use a metal brush. The metal burns up very quickly and could even burn your hair, a round brush with some nylon and boar bristles is the best any day.

3. Get a dime size amount of pomade in one of your palms and then rub your hands together in order to warm the product. Generally, pomades are usually stiff sometimes and therefore warming them in your hands makes it easier for use. Using your fingers, apply pinches of warm pomade on the small sections of your hair to define layers, develop a sleeker look and then give your style hold.

As you might have realized, blow drying short hair is art itself and requires the right brush and styling cream. Follow this guide tomorrow morning when you want to style your hair, you will realize how quick and safe it will be for you.

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The Art of Blow Drying Short Hair at Home – Useful Tips

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