The Benefits of Avocado Butter for Hair

The avocado, also known as the butter pear, is not only great for eating but also great for your hair. The flesh of this popular fruit is known to contain high levels of mono-saturated fat which gives it a smooth and creamy texture, making it perfect for use in hair products.

Raw avocados can be mashed and applied to the hair; its oil acts as a good deep conditioning treatment. However, one of the creamiest and richest by-products of the avocado is avocado butter.

The uncooked part of the fruit is normally crushed to generate oil. The oil obtained is hydrogenated, resulting in a highly soft, green, and mild smelling butter. It usually melts extremely easily, which allows it to absorb quickly into the skin as well as hair. Besides having amazing moisturizing properties, this type of butter also acts a natural sunscreen and therefore protects your hair against the adverse effects of ultra violet rays. The best part is that it can be kept for one to two years in a refrigerator.

Can it be used as a deep conditioner?

Since avocado butter is generally extremely rich and heavy, it should be applied sparingly. One should apply only one tablespoon of the butter to the hair and the scalp and then leave it for one hour. You can also mix it with your regular conditioner, jojoba oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, coconut oil, or any other butter except the usual kind.

Be sure to pay special attention to the ends of your hair. You may leave the mixture on for as long as you want, then shampoo and then condition as usual.

Can it be used as a leave-in conditioner?

Since this type of butter is extremely heavy, leaving it in your hair will usually make it appear greasy. On the other hand, if your hair is very dry, thick, or is always eating up conditioning products, it may work for you. It works best as a leave-in conditioner on natural African American hair.

When used as a deep conditioner, it also helps to control frizz and hard-to-manage hair ends while leaving your hair shinier than ever. Therefore, if you are looking for shiny, detangled, and easy to manage hair, avocado butter is what you should look for during your next visit to the beauty store.

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The Benefits of Avocado Butter for Hair

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