The Benefits of Cupuacu Butter for Your Hair

Cupuacu is a plant native to the Amazon, specifically the northern region of Brazil. The tree, which shares many characteristics with the cocoa tree, can grow to a height of 10 meters. Cupuacu, however, is different from cocoa in that it does not contain caffeine.

Cupuacu butter, derived from the seeds of the cupuacu tree, is soft and creamy in consistency. It is fast gaining popularity in the world of beauty because of its remarkable water absorption capability. Its versatility in hair care products also makes it a better alternative to cocoa butter. Recent studies targeting cupuacu butter have revealed that the butter contains properties that are effective in protecting hair and skin from the harmful effects of UV-A and UV-B rays.

There are many properties that make this product effective in dealing with skin and hair issues. First and foremost, the butter, like other effective natural butters, is rich in essential fatty acids. It is also rich in sterols. These are natural substances that prevent bad cholesterol from being absorbed into the bloodstream. It also contains exceptional moisturizing properties, and this is the most important property of the product for those who use it as a hair treatment. It is also a natural emollient.

Other great properties of this natural butter include those that make it effective in promoting skin and scalp elasticity, smooth and creamy properties that make it easy to apply on hair or skin, and high water absorption capacity.

The butter may be used alone or it can be mixed with other ingredients. Whichever the case, it will deliver great results. Although it is largely used in products designed to improve hair luster and to replenish lost moisture, the butter can be applied directly to give the same results.

It is also useful in repairing dry, brittle, and damaged hair. A little butter goes a long way. Excessive use does not necessarily make the product more effective. A little amount can be applied to either dry or wet hair for twisting or the usual conditioning.

Although it is popularly used in hair products, cupuacu butter is also used in products designed to deal with aging skin, and damaged or cracked skin. It can also be used in lip care products, deodorants and other personal hygiene products. Additionally, it can be used in creams designed to treat skin complications like eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.

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The Benefits of Cupuacu Butter for Your Hair

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