The Benefits Of Using Chemical Free Shampoos

Many shampoos contain chemicals that enhance scent, texture and lather while some contain preservative chemicals. Chemicals in hair care products like shampoo tend to get into the skin. The advantage with chemical-free shampoos is that the chemical amount used on one’s body is reduced, leading to a reduction in the chemical levels that get into the body. If you have an allergy towards chemicals, natural products are a great alternative.

The skin is permeable. This explains why it tends to absorb ingredients in care products. Therefore, such products contain chemicals that are absorbed into the body. Some of those ingredients eventually lead to health issues. Again, some individuals have allergies towards chemicals used in shampoo. Such ingredients may cause unpleasant and uncomfortable allergic reactions such as hives. Fatigue, blurred vision, shortness of breath and dizziness are some of the allergic reactions that are more severe.

The advantage with a natural shampoo is that it can even be used by individuals who have allergic reactions with ordinary shampoos. Most of the chemical ingredients can lead to diseases like cancer. This means that natural shampoos are ideal for people that intend to have a lifestyle that is sustainable and earth-friendly.

Considering that the chemicals used in personal care products are toxic, many of those products are tested on animals before being released into the market. However, organic shampoos are made up of ingredients from natural sources. Therefore, they are non-irritating and gentle. When compared to regular shampoo, the natural one is cruelty-free.

Some of the chemicals that are included in shampoo with the aim of increasing lather are sodium laurel sulfates. In addition to this chemical drying the scalp and hair, it may also lead to skin irritation. Formaldehyde and propylene glycol are additional chemicals in shampoo. In addition to being toxic, these chemicals affect the user’s health over time and can cause irritation.

While some natural shampoos are unscented, some are scented using natural essential oils. With regular shampoos, they are scented using chemical blends and some manufacturers do not indicate them on the product’s label. Considering that most of these chemicals are toxic, there is a need for people to be fully aware of the ingredients in the product. With a natural shampoo, it has few ingredients and the ones that are listed are easy to recognize.

Today, there are many brands of organic shampoos in the market. However, some have some of the toxic chemicals, but the manufacturers indicate that they are chemical free. Therefore, before buying the shampoo it is important to pay close attention to the label. Always avoid any shampoo that contains sulfate.

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The Benefits Of Using Chemical Free Shampoos

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