The Best Homemade Hair Strengthening Mask

Are you in search a budget friendly strengthening mask? There is no need to worry if you are feeling that your budget is not quite salon ready, yet. There is a better way of obtaining a natural and home made hair mask. You just need to have the right information and have it in your hands within a matter of minutes. What could be a better way of strengthening your hair than using chemical free ingredients?

Eggs and olive oil hair mask

Eggs are not only edible proteins, they are also perhaps the best kept secret for strengthening your damaged hair. Crack one egg into a mixing bowl and whisk it nicely and add one tablespoon of olive oil, one tablespoon of coconut oil, and one tablespoon of honey.

If your mixture is a little thick, add some water to it, but avoid hot water. Apply the hair mask by observing a circular motion ensuring to massage your scalp. This will go a long way in stimulating your natural oils, while also helping your hair to not only to grow stronger, but also thicker and healthier.

Upon applying the mask on your hair, make sure to wear a plastic shower cap and if possible two caps. The logic behind this is because the egg mixture you will obtain is runny and the extra cap will help lessen the possibilities of it running down your face and neck. One thing I am sure about is that this mixture is not the thing you want to have running down your face and neck, its generally yucky! However, if you do not have two plastic shower caps, you may use a plastic carrier bag and then just tie a knot at the nape of your neck or forehead, this should serve the intended purpose.

You may want to sit under a warm dryer or make use of your Aphrodite conditioning cap, set number on 2 and then allow this mask to condition your hair for up to 30 minutes. Avoid using a hot dryer because the eggs could cook in your hair, making it really difficult for you to remove it from your hair.

After you are done conditioning your hair, rinse it thoroughly using cool water making sure that all the egg residue is off your hair. Hot water is going to cook the egg into your head, which becomes difficult to wash. On the other hand, cool water will clean your hair effectively as well as smooth down your hair cuticles, therefore making it stronger and glossier. You should end up with your hair feeling soft to the touch.

You can then proceed to style your hair as usual for example, using a blow dry and wrap or roller set and wrap, flat ironing among others. On the other hand make sure that your hair is moisturized, as the egg protein could leave your hair feeling dry especially in the morning.

Before breaking your piggy bank to buy expensive a hair strengthening hair mask, you may want to consider trying this DIY hair strengthening mask.

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The Best Homemade Hair Strengthening Mask

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