hair treatment at homeYour hair is perhaps the most customizable area of your entire body. It is fun, flashy, and visible to everyone as you shop, explore, and be productive at work. There are few things more exciting and variable than a great head of hair. The greatest thing is that hair can be changed relatively easy. Sick of a style? Mix it up! Bored of a color? Dye it to something radical! There are always options to sustain and change up the style of your hair.

But when it comes to keeping up the quality of your hair, it can be a bit more frustrating. There are many different methods, with their own set of pros and cons. Learning what works, how it works, and when to use them is key to maximizing the potential of your beautiful hair.

What is and is Not Hair Treatment?

There are some things that are not considered proper hair treatment. It is important to understand that anything that changes or does something with the hair could be considered hair treatment. But in this day and age, proper hair treatment does not include everything, and the right actions will truly make your hair powerful, healthy, and different.

A general hair brushing is not treating the hair. Girls find that they are trying to solve a complicated issue by brushing it a certain way, and they are surprised when the hair falls back into its natural position within an hour. Over the counter foams and shampoos may give it a bit of form, but they are very temporary answers to a problem that needs a bit of work. Very few girls are lucky enough, or talented enough, to do wonderfully fresh things with their hair with just a spray bottle, a brush, and some basic clips.

Different Types of General Hair Treatment

Hair treatment is going above and beyond the normal things that are mixed and messed with in a couple of hours anyway. There are many different things you can do, but there are a few main ways to get there.

1. Do it Yourself

Do it YourselfThis is known as DIY, and it consists of replacing what is done at a professional salon at home. Sometimes stylists have access to the newest technology that cannot be easily obtained for home use. They also have certifications and the talent to get in your hair and accomplish various techniques that you would not be able to do. Even if you had the skill set, it is demanding to do your own hair, as opposed to someone else’s.

Regardless, most DIY techniques involve oil treatments. Natural treatments, such as the inclusion of grounded strawberries or avocado, are incredibly healthy for the skin and hair. They also smell wonderful. DIY hair treatments often involve a leave-in conditioner.

These help retain a silky and smooth style throughout the day. Leave-in conditioners are severely underutilized for women at home, but it is a major tool used at the salon. This is largely why when you leave the salon, you find your fresh style retaining form and silkiness throughout the day, and the next day it seems to just vanish.

2. Salon Treatments

Salon treatmentSalon specialists have their finger on the latest techniques and styles that seem to work. They also have a non-biased view of how your hair would look with a certain style. Despite what you may think, others can offer some perfect perspective on what style to go for.

The salon also has access to premium products that really enchant the hair and make it look radiant. These will include oleo serum. It softens the hair to the touch, and detangles it with mystical quickness. It also deters frizz and keeps a glossy demeanor. It is a major weapon of choice at the salon.

The salon also employs volumizing treatments to coincide with any use of conditioner. Volumizing gives mass to the hair, offering it a healthier look. Plus, it allows the hair to stay in form and look voluptuous for a much longer period of time.

Lastly, the salon will use instant finishing spray for a final solution that acts as a capstone to everything preceding it. It is just the perfect touch on the hair that controls the final style with a lightweight and natural touch.

3. Natural Masks

natural hair maskIn a perfect world, women would not need any salon or special tools to make their hair wonderful, kept, and radiant throughout the day. Natural treatment options are as close as we can get to that perfect look without relying on too many artificial additions. This type of treatment relies on fruits, heat styling, and extensions o give a natural look. The overly glossy style is not for everyone.

Some like a subdued touch, and those little imperfections that occur throughout the day are actually quite charming and beautiful in their own light. Many women implement natural masks to keep their hair clear and complementary while they work on a specific style.

How Do these Help Me?

Each of these main three options offers something a little different. But the main goal is to offer volume to the hair and make it look healthier in a preferred method. For example, DIY methods are craftier, and can be more hobby-oriented. This is for women who adore working on their hair personally, and they use masks and clips to enhance an overall look that they know how to achieve.

On the other hand, a visit to the salon is a special experience. It allows women to get a taste of premium hair care products without emptying their bank to get them. It is an event, and the methods they employ take years to master.

But natural techniques are creative, and allow women to be empowered by a very unique style. Natural results are arguably the healthiest, and they can be sustained much longer because they tend to imbue the hair with the natural attributes that you are adding. All of these are some sensational strategies to making hair healthy and gorgeous for longer.

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