The Many Benefits of Mango Butter for Hair and Scalp

Mango butter is a soft butter with a sweet smell generated from the kernels of a mango fruit. It has its origins in southern Asia and is also found in warm tropical climates such as in Burma and India. The indigenous people found in the rain forest have enjoyed immense hair care and skin benefits of this amazing fruit for many centuries. Today, you can also use this natural ingredient to boost the growth of healthy hair, as well as solve any scalp problems.

It boasts of very huge amounts of antioxidants and important Vitamins A, C, and E. In fact, just a single cup of mango has the potential to offer you 80% of the daily amount of Vitamin C needed and 25% of Vitamin A. This explains why this natural butter is considered very important for healthy hair.

Several studies have revealed that Vitamins A and C usually have a direct effect on the hair growth, which makes this ingredient a very essential contributor for growing healthy hair. It is also helps in shielding the hair and the scalp against ultraviolet rays that can damage both the hair and the scalp. This makes it an extremely reliable sunscreen for the hair.

This natural ingredient also contains emollient qualities which help in keeping the skin moisturized. Therefore, when it is applied to your scalp, it helps in restoring and maintaining the scalp moisture, as well as promoting cell regeneration. In turn, what you experience is an appropriate foundation for the growth of healthy hair.

Mango butter has similar qualities as shea butter and cocoa butter in the sense of consistency and the huge benefits, but  it possesses higher levels of the beneficial fatty acids, a characteristic that makes it a more intensive hair moisturizer. If there is no moisture in the hair, it can become weak, brittle, and consequently lead to breakage, which is usually followed massive hair loss. Therefore, be sure to use this natural butter to prevent hair breakage and loss.

The best part is that you can prepare a mango butter hair treatment at home which you can apply once weekly to finally get the luxurious, soft, and healthy hair that you have always yearned for. To make the best treatment, mix this natural product with good portions of essential oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, rosemary oil, olive oil, and so on.

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The Many Benefits of Mango Butter for Hair and Scalp

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