The Process of Bleaching your Hair at Home

There are many people who have tried bleaching their hair but they do not know how to do it right. Bleaching can affect the hair negatively. This involves killing the roots, drying it out, and leaving the hair without a desirable bounce. Therefore, you need to be cautious with the lightening efforts because it may lead to long term issues on the hair. Here is a practical guideline for bleaching your hair.

If your hair is not really short, it is advisable for you to have someone help you. With hair that is really short, you can easily apply the bleach all over the hair, at one time. Start with hair that is dry and unwashed, considering that the greasier it is the better. When the hair is somehow greasy, the itching is less intense during the bleaching process.

If you choose to do it yourself, you will need two mirrors to ensure that you can view the back in the reflection. Other items that you require include an old towel, a non-metallic bowl, latex or plastic gloves, and a tint brush.

Start by taking a parting from the forehead’s middle part to the nape of the neck. The other parting should be from one ear to the next. Clips will help hold your hair in the 4 large sections. Using your tint brush, mix the bleach in the non-metallic bowl.

Start with the back quarter and take one thin section after another while applying the bleach using your tint brush. Leave one centimeter of the hair uncovered. The bleach should be brushed on the hair from top to bottom. By flipping that hair section over, you will reveal the unbleached hair, below. Keep in mind that you must work quickly in order to have all the hair lengths covered in the shortest time possible.

When you are through with applying the bleach on all the quarter sections repeat the process in thin sections. Keep working until no hair in that quarter is left uncovered. The roots still need to be left untouched. Use this technique in applying the bleach to the remaining quarters.

By now, the first quarter on which the bleach was applied is lightening. Repeat the sectioning before bleaching to the root when the hair turns to golden blond. Repeat the process in the other quarters to ensure that the root areas are all covered. You must monitor the hair until all of it is pale blond. The next step is shampooing the bleach followed by applying a conditioner and rinsing it out.

To ensure that you get a desirable look, you must be able to choose the right product. Even if there are a number of hair lighteners on the market, your choice needs to be determined by your hair color. Again, the bleaches are available in various strengths. Avoid any product that is stronger than thirty-volume. Such bleach could cause burns because it is very strong.

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The Process of Bleaching your Hair at Home

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