Three Top Curly Hair Relaxers

If you are struggling with curly and hard to manage hair, you just need a curl relaxer. This is a kind of cream or lotion used by individuals with curly textured hair. It minimizes hair tangles makes hair straightening easier by chemically relaxing your natural curls. Curly hair relaxers normally use a particular formula to relax hair, which means changing the molecular bond for it to straighten more easily.

While all the relaxers are designed for straightening hair, there are some that are specifically designed for relaxing the curliest hair. Find below the top three.

1. TCB super hair relaxer

TCB Super Hair Relaxer

TCB super hair relaxer, a protein based relaxer is one of the cheapest in the market retailing at only $4. Highly affordable, right? Unlike some other hair relaxer brands, this formula is specifically meant for hair straightening only. Therefore, if nourishing your hair is the least of your concern and your main objective is to lose the curls, then this is the curl relaxer for you.

2. Ogilvie conditioning hair straightener

Ogilvie conditioning hair straightener

This formula is designed for use in all types of hair and still strong enough for extremely curly hair. This conditioner will go a long way in offering your hair a gleaming look in no time. Besides straightening hair, this conditioning hair straightener also relaxes it.

If you are looking for a way to get rid of frizzy hair, get hair nourished, and lose those annoying curls, this is the product to go for. You might also want to know that it will leave your hair smelling better than ever. This formula is a little bit more expensive as it retails at $12, but it is worth every cent.

3. Phytodefrisant hair relaxing balm

Phytodefrisant hair relaxing balm

If you have curly that is specifically thin, do not search any further, this is your perfect curly hair relaxer. It is designed to straighten hair, while also giving visible thickness a characteristic that makes it perfect for people who have frequently colored their hair in the past. It is made with a walnut extract that helps in protecting your hair against free radicals.

If you are also looking for a relaxer that can nourish your hair, strengthen it, and give it the required elasticity, Phytodefrisant hair relaxing balm will do you good. If you wish to straighten your hair without using harsh chemicals, this natural relaxer is your best choice. Unlike the above two products, you will have to pay out more money, it retails at $19.

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Three Top Curly Hair Relaxers

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