Tips for Taking Care of Relaxed Hair

Relaxed hair is such a common phenomenon among African-American women. Hair relaxing is a commonly discussed topic, which is usually frowned upon especially because of the application of harsh chemicals that permanently alter your strands eliminating any kinks or curls.

If relaxed hair is not cared for properly, it can easily become very dry and consequently break off. I know you are already aware of this, but what can you do to prevent this happening? Keep reading to learn some information about taking care of relaxed hair.

1. Wash your hair once a week

Ladies, however hard this might sound or be in reality, it is important for you to comply. Excessive washing of your hair will obviously lead to excessive heat styling and what price do you want to pay for this. Therefore, once a week should do it for you or at maximum twice if you are extremely funky.

2. Kiss sulphate goodbye

When washing your hair, I strongly recommend kissing sulphate shampoos and conditioners goodbye. Your hair is already having enough chemicals and therefore sulphate shampoos and conditioners are a no-no. Using products that are free of sulphate helps in protecting the cortex of your hair and are also great when taking care of relaxed, chemically treated hair.

3. Deep conditioning your hair

Deep conditioning should be done every few weeks and it is important not to exceed the processing time. If you were used to slathering your hair and leaving it for the whole day, those days are long gone. Deep conditioners have formed a reputation of breaking down the protein of your hair and making it even more damaged and dry. Therefore, watch closely when doing it.

4. Take care of your scalp

The damage that relaxers cause to your scalp is very wicked. Therefore, if you have to continue relaxing your hair, you must pay special attention to the health and maintenance of your scalp. Regardless of the type of hair you keep, you must take good care of your scalp, it is key to enjoying strong and healthy hair.

5. Always dry your hair using an old t-shirt and use warm not hot air

You may want to consider being more gentle with your hair. Dry your hair with an old t-shirt and ensure that it is about 75% dry before blow drying it with warm, rather than hot. You may find this processing a little longer than usual but you are guaranteed of minimal damage.

6. Avoid overlapping or over processing your hair

By all means avoid over processing your hair, at least wait until you have enough growth to process it. If it means waiting for 8 weeks, then be patient.

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Tips for Taking Care of Relaxed Hair

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