Top 5 Detangling Brushes for Natural Hair

The process of detangling hair is an important step of caring for your hair. Putting random brushes and combs through your hair usually make all the difference between a proper detangle and merely grazing the surface. It is therefore important for you to always pick a brush that matches the density of your hair, the thickness, and your hair type.

If you have not yet established your appropriate detangling brush for your natural hair, here are different detangling brushes for natural hair.

1. 100% Boar’s Bristle Brush


This detangling brush is very useful for smoothing back your hair to get neat puffs, buns, and pony tails. This brush does not require you to brush your entire hair, but only the hair that is around the edges. It is best utilized when the hair is wet. The boar bristles are extremely soft, and therefore will not damage your hair. Since it is wood brushed, it reduces the amount of static electricity.

2. Paddle brush

Paddle Brush

It has the same shape as the above brush, but its bristles are wider and well spaced. Also, unlike other brushes, it can be used in straightening hair. Firstly, you need to detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb, until it is semi straight. Then, use your paddle brush to brush your semi dry hair in sections to finish off the detangling process.

3. Denman D4

Denman D4 Brush

Denman brushes come in many different types and are used on a hair that has been detangled using a wide comb. It is very useful in applying the conditioner or your styling product. A good number of people with natural hair prefer using D4, since it is a big styling brush and has nine rows of bristles. What is more, the bristles of this brush are adequately flexible, and do not have balls at the end.

4. Denman D31 Medium Volumizer

Denman D31 Volumizer brush

This one has seven rows of bristles, and is highly recommended for use in medium to long hair lengths. This brush is preferred over the D4 because it has less bristles than the D4 and the bristles are also further apart. If your hair is really thick, this is the right brush for you. The wide spaced bristles will flow very easily through your hair. As far as detangling is concerned, use this brush to detangle or brush wet hair.

5. Vent brush

Vent Brush

This type of natural hair brush has a wide set of bristles. It also has holes in its base and most people using it while blow-drying their hair. Before using your brush, be sure to detangle your hair first. The opening on the base of the brush is designed to allow the air coming from the dryer to circulate. It is heat resistant and is also easy to clean, using just a little soap and some water.

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Top 5 Detangling Brushes for Natural Hair

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