Top 5 Hair Treatments At Home for Hair Fall

Dermatologists claim that every day, we lose 50 to 100 hair strands. However, the health professionals say that this is quite normal. Anything above these normal standards, though, causes thinning of hair or bald patches, a condition referred to as alopecia. For most people, pronounced hair fall starts after they celebrate their 30th birthday.

At this time, unhealthy diet, stress, and unfavorable lifestyles begin to take toll. The message here is simple, watch the way you are living. You may start by managing stress if you get overstressed, then quitting smoking if you smoke and get into the habit of eating a balanced diet. Besides these preventive measures, there are home treatments that you can use to remedy hair fall.

1. Natural Oils

The first remedy that you may consider is natural oils. This may include coconut, canola, and olive oils. Warm the oil but be sure not to overheat it. Massage the oil gently on your scalp for five minutes. Then, cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it to rest for an hour. Then rinse with a mild shampoo.

2. Onion and Garlic

Secondly, consider using onion and garlic juices. These natural products are a rich source of sulphur. On its part, sulphur is responsible for promoting collagen growth. Collagen, consequently, promotes hair growth. So, rub either onion or garlic juice on your scalp for a period of not less than five minutes. Leave it to rest overnight. In the morning, wash thoroughly with mild shampoo.

3. Henna and Mustard Oil

Henna and mustard oil are also effective home remedies for hair fall. For centuries, the Asians have used the mixture of henna and mustard oil for hair conditioning. The mixture plays an important role of strengthening hair, and thus preventing breakage in the future.

4. Coconut Milk and Hibiscus

Better still, combine coconut milk with hibiscus. This is the secret behind the Indians living in Kerala’s thick hair. It is well documented that hibiscus has excellent hair rejuvenation properties. It nourishes hair, prevents breakage, cures dandruffs and prevents premature graying. Regular use of coconut and hibiscus mixture may also prevent thinning of hair.

5. Eggs and Olive Oil

Eggs combined with olive oil also do a good job in preventing hair fall. Like onion and garlic juices, eggs are a rich source of suplhur. Eggs are even better because they also contain proteins, and minerals like selenium, iron, zinc, and iodine.

This product, combined with olive oil, makes an excellent promoter of hair regrowth and of preventing hair fall. But how do you use the mixture? Just take the white of one egg and mix with one teaspoonful of olive oil. Mix thoroughly to give the mixture a paste-like consistency. Apply on the scalp and hair. Let it rest for 20 minutes and then rinse with cool water and a mild shampoo. That’s all.

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Top 5 Hair Treatments At Home for Hair Fall

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