Top 5 Natural Hair Length Retention Tips

It is one thing to want to have long hair, and yet another one to be able to keep it. However, with the right hair care information, you should be able to keep every inch of the hair that grows on your scalp. Here is very useful information containing effective natural hair length retention tips.

1. Avoid touching your hair
Yes, it is tempting to play with your hair, especially new hair growth. However, you should note that excessive manipulation of your hair cause hair breakage. You could resist the temptation to touch your hair by keeping it back and away from your face. Keep it in braids, twists, and buns to help get rid of the temptation of constantly touching it.

2. Avoid heat on your hair
Every time you expose your hair to heat, you are damaging it. If possible, allow your hair to be off heat for around six months and observe what happens. The results will be amazing, your hair will be much healthier, and you will have attained improved retention. On the other hand, if you cannot live without heat, try to cut down on the usage of heat. For instance, if you usually use it every day, try once a week.

3. Finger detangling
This is good for your hair, especially one that is prone to breakage. Detangle your hair as little as possible to avoid excessive manipulation. Aim at having to entangle your hair as little as possible. You could get rid of most detangling by adopting protective styling to maintain the balance. Additionally, to avoid breakage, use natural oils and conditioners during detangling to minimize breakage.

4. Get a trim
This may seem counterproductive in your effort to retain the length of your hair. However, trimming your split ends may actually be very helpful in your hair length goals. The key here is to avoid trimming your hair too often, once a year is enough if your hair is in great shape. This will help you remain within your length retention goals.

5. Protective styling
Adopting a protective style is good for your length retention. Protective styles usually require minimal or no manipulation. What is more, your hair will be protected from damages caused by the environment. However, it is important not to neglect your hair when in protective styling. Make sure you keep it moisturized and clean. When it comes to protective styles, you can never run out of options, and some could stay for up to three days.

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Top 5 Natural Hair Length Retention Tips

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