Top Natural Home Remedies for Dry Scalp

Dry scalp is a common condition that you can deal with in the comfort of your home. However, it is wise to see a doctor if it has reached severe levels. If it has not, then some basic home remedies will help you reign over your dry scalp.

Mix honey with virgin olive oil
Honey is well known for its tremendous benefits. It is one of the products whose effectiveness only a few other products can match. It will also help you deal with your dry scalp condition. It contains, among others, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties which are effective in eliminating lice, dandruffs, and flakes.

Mix a few drops of olive oil with two teaspoons of honey. Apply and massage on the scalp for five minutes. Let it rest for 10 minutes before rinsing with a mild shampoo.

Mix lemon juice with honey
Lemon juice is an ancient natural remedy for dry scalp and dandruff treatment. Although lemon juice can be used alone, exceptional benefits are likely to be realized when the juice is mixed with honey. Just mix one part of honey with one part of undiluted lemon juice.

Massage your scalp and hair with this mixture. Let it rest for about 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing. Besides mixing lemon juice with honey, it (honey) can also give good results when mixed with essential oils like olive oil and rosemary oil.

Tea tree oil
This is an active ingredient used in many shampoos and antidandruff brands. The oil is not only easily accessible, but also is quite effective in dealing with dry scalp and dandruff. The reason why tea tree oil is popular and effective is because it creates a strong immune system against agents that cause dry scalp.

Apple cider vinegar with olive oil
Like most other effective natural remedies, apple cider vinegar is used as an active ingredient in shampoos, hair conditioners, and antidandruff treatments. This home remedy is also known and used for its ability to balance water Ph. After using hot olive oil treatment, it is advisable to use apple cider vinegar as a natural conditioner. The product does not only condition your hair, but it also deals with inflammations that cause a dry scalp.

It must be acknowledged that dry scalp is a condition that needs to be dealt with as soon as its symptoms begin to appear. Neglecting this problem may lead to lice infestation, dandruff, and even hair loss. The good news is that there are cheap, yet effective, natural remedies for a dry scalp. These include, but are not limited to, a mixture of olive oil and honey, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice mixed with honey or essential oils, and tea tree oil.

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Top Natural Home Remedies for Dry Scalp

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