Understanding the Concept of Mature Hairline

Only a few people know that the frontal hairline usually changes shape for men between 17 and 27 years old. This is usually the case, even if the man does not proceed to developing genetic balding. There is no point getting worried because this is actually a normal change referred to as maturation of the hairline. A man who has started noticing such changes is said to be having a maturing hairline.

As time goes by, the hair line then stops maturing, and the man is said to have a mature hairline. Although not all the men go through this normal process, most of them usually do. Some males manage to have their juvenile hairline for big part of their life. For some people, the process might take place so slowly that it becomes apparent later on in life.

It is extremely important for this concept to be known and understood to ensure that medical or surgical treatments are only recommended for people who require it. One can easily confuse a mature hairline with genetic hair loss and consider surgical options for treating it, while in the real sense, no sort of treatment is needed.

Numerous studies conducted separately by separate individuals and groups have revealed that men with maturing hairlines do not necessarily proceed to develop balding and that these processes are completely different.

Men need to understand that this type of hairline is not by any means male pattern baldness. It is usually part of aging just like the wrinkles that come with age. How do you distinguish the two? A receding hairline caused by male pattern baldness is a lot higher and much more distinct than that of a mature hairline. Actually, the majority of men can see where the juvenile hairline was by wrinkling their forehead. Most probably, a juvenile hairline used to touch the highest wrinkle.

Having a better understanding of this concept is also very important when it comes to determining the design of natural looking hairlines during hair transplant. For instance, it is not a good idea for a young man to lower his hairline. Most of the young women are always looking for a juvenile hairline when they first go for a hair transplant consultation.

However, proceeding on this route puts a young man at a risk of having a new hairline that looks anything else but a natural looking appearance when compared to other men as he proceeds to his 30s, 40s, and 50s.

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Understanding the Concept of Mature Hairline

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