Useful Tips on How to Grow & Keep Long Relaxed Hair

Are you always researching how best to tend for your relaxed hair for it to grow? Well, like many women you must already be considering the option of cutting it all and then spending a year or two working hard to regain your precious hair length. The good news is that, you do not have to go to this extreme. Use the following tips on how to grow relaxed hair.

1. Get a trim

Of course this step is not a must, but you may want to trim those damaged ends as early as now instead of waiting for it to just break off. In any case, getting a trim is a sure way of ensuring that your hair is more manageable and also healthier during the entire time of transition. If you were already opting to cut it all down and start a fresh, this step should not be a hard decision for you to make.

2. Co-washing

If step one above is really hard for you why not explore the benefits of co-washing. This means washing your hair with a conditioner instead of a shampoo. I know this is what you least expected, but that’s it. A conditioner will go a long way in ensuring that your hair is adequately moisturized, while nurturing it from the root to the tips giving you the same effect as your shampoo. I know you must have heard fellow women say great things about this great washing technique, well take their word for it.

3. Keep your hair moisturized

You will never get enough hair moisturizing and so when you think you have moisturized it enough, do it even more. Your fresh growth will thank you for it not to mention the impact it will have on the damaged, relaxed part of your hair.

4. Seal

If you do not cut your hair at the beginning, this routine is a must for your hair care. I am talking about using natural oils on your hair. I am talking about completely natural and chemical free products. The results are nothing short of what you consider revolutionary.

This will solve most of the common problems ranging from itchy and dry scalp to dandruff, while enhancing your hair growth and improving its overall quality. What is more, your moisturizing efforts will not go in vain as sealing enhances the moisture retention of your hair.

5. Always wear a sleeping cap

Silk or satin sleeping caps are a great choice for growing out your relaxed hair, since they help in preventing hair breakage. These type of caps are not only useful for preventing breakage, they also help you keep your favorite style overnight and also solve your tangling problems.

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Useful Tips on How to Grow & Keep Long Relaxed Hair

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