What are Some of the Symptoms of Hair Loss and is There a Treatment for it

Although hair loss is more common in men than it is in women, it can affect anyone at any time of their life. This article will address some of the different symptoms of hair loss and discuss the possibility of finding a suitable treatment to make it possible to grow new hair quickly and easily.

Receding Hair Line

One of the most common symptoms of hair loss will be a receding hair line. This is when the hair at the front of your hairline starts to fall out and is not replaced. Normally this results in patches of bald skin along your hairline. This can be very distressing because it is the first thing you notice when you look in the mirror.

Bald Spots

You might also experience bald spots developing on the crown of your head. This may not be as noticeable to you when you look in the mirror, but it is noticeable for everyone else. The first time you might notice this is when you look in the mirror of the back of your head at the hairdressers. Bald spots can be just as damaging.

Health Conditions

Sometimes the hair loss can be caused by an underlying health condition. This is especially common with women who do not suffer from pattern baldness. If you are experiencing hair loss, then the first thing you should consider doing is visiting your doctor. Talk to your doctor about the potential causes, and see if there is anything which could make this better.

Your doctor may be able to suggest various treatment options which will help you to regrow hair quickly.

Stimulating Blood Flow

For your hair to stay alive, it must be nourished by nutrients carried by the blood stream. To improve blood circulation, you should massage your head, or even better, have someone else massage it for you. This will improve blood flow, and if done every day, should have noticeable results in a few months.

Hair Masks

There are a variety of different hair masks which you can use to treat hair loss. These are available in stores, or you can make your own. Ancient Chinese medicine uses a lot of ginger. They believe that if you shave your head, and rub the cut end of ginger all over your head, it can help. This will also massage your head, which can stimulate blood flow.

Be Patient

Reversing hair loss and making your hair grow thicker and stronger is a long, slow process. You cannot expect to have a full head of hair overnight. You really need to be prepared to wait and to be patient. Also, different types of treatments will work for different people. If you find that one thing doesn’t work, then you should try something else.

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What are Some of the Symptoms of Hair Loss and is There a Treatment for it

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