What Does a Cholesterol Treatment Do for your Hair

With so many different hair treatments available on the market, it can be very difficult to discover what each of these do. One of the latest trends is the cholesterol treatment for your hair. This is a confusing one, because we are always told that cholesterol is bad for your body, but it can actually be great for your hair, when used properly. Read through the rest of this article to learn about some of the benefits of this treatment.

Cholesterol Hair Treatments

Cholesterol is actually very good for your hair, and you can find it included in many different hair treatment products available in health and beauty stores. The problem with most of these is that they also include alcohol and other chemicals. These can cause further damage to your hair.

It is also possible to make your very own cholesterol hair treatments at home without these nasty additives. In fact, one of the easiest cholesterol hair treatments is just plain simple mayonnaise.


Many people swear by mayonnaise as a hair treatment. This can add shine and beauty to your hair. Mayonnaise is good for your hair because it contains protein and cholesterol, which will make your hair much healthier. This is also something that is much better for you than most commercially available hair treatments.

When choosing a mayonnaise for hair treatment, make sure that you choose one which is full fat and not a diet version.

Using Mayonnaise as a Hair Treatment

To make a great mayonnaise hair mask, mix together a bit of honey, or olive oil, with the mayonnaise. This not only thins it down a little bit, but will make it coat the hair better, and have much better results.

The best way to use this solution to look after your hair is to use it like a normal conditioner. Start by washing your hair using a gentle shampoo. Then dry it gently, and apply the mayonnaise solution. When applying it, gently massage it into your scalp. Make sure you add extra to the ends of the hair, because this will prevent the hair from splitting.

For best results, you should wrap the hair in plastic wrap, or use a shower cap. You can heat your hair slightly using a towel soaked in hot water, if you want.

Regular Treatment

As this treatment is so easy to use, it can be repeated regularly. You should ideally do it once every few weeks to keep your hair looking at its best. By repeating the treatment, you can have beautiful looking hair all the time.

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What Does a Cholesterol Treatment Do for your Hair

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