What you Should Know About Hair Rebonding

The desire to have straight and manageable locks is on the rise among many individuals. That is because of the numerous fashionistas and adverts involving straight locks. As a result, a majority of women are turning to permanent hair treatments that will help them get that super straight hair. One of the most popular treatments that one can go for is hair rebonding.

So what is hair rebonding?

It is similar to straightening hair using a straightener. However, in this case, chemicals are involved for the purpose of breaking the natural bonds of the cells in your hair and then rearranged to attain straight hair, that’s why it’s also called “chemical straightening“. Normally, a relaxant or softener is used in breaking the natural bonds in your hair. A neutralizer is then used to re-bond the structure again, resulting in the desired texture as well as bonding.

How much time does it take?

On average, the time needed for a complete rebonding session is dependent on the length of your hair. For instance, shoulder length hair usually takes about four hours while mid-back length should take about 8 hours or even more. The process takes a lot of time because of the many varying activities involved. Therefore, the day you decide to go for it, ensure that you have enough time on your schedule

Can I do it in my house?

Well, rebonding should only be done by an experienced and efficient stylist. You must also be forewarned because, to a reasonable extent, this treatment might damage or break your hair. Too much use of chemicals over the hair at the time of the treatment might lead to hair breakage, drying, thinning and even falling of hair. On the other hand, taking proper care during the treatment will only leave your hair looking beautiful without spelling any harm.

Experts in the beauty salon should be in a position to give you sound guidelines for a post re-bond session. For instance, you should know that your hair should remain unwashed for three days after the hair treatment session. Additionally, you should not use any clips or rubber bands on your hair three days after the session.

A shower cap should also be worn during showers because your hair need not get wet, under any circumstance. The rebonding session will cost you a good chunk of your money but it is worthwhile. Considering the beauty and cost factor, you must be ready to offer your hair adequate care after such a session.


Is chemical straightening safe?

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What you Should Know About Hair Rebonding

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