Why Conditioning Hair Before Coloring is Important

Coloring hair is one of the best ways of updating your look. It is a great way of achieving a total makeover with optimal impact. It is therefore important for you to get a hair coloring that looks great and also stays looking great between color jobs. So what are the things that you should know before you go ahead with coloring your hair?

The key to getting a great hair color is ensuring that your hair is in good condition. If your hair is healthy during coloring it will take on and keep your hair color looking vibrant for as long as possible. It is therefore important for you treat your hair as gently as possible, using the right hairstyling products as well as shampoos, while also applying a hair treatment at least once in a month.

What about deep conditioning your hair before hair coloring?

Whether you are doing your hair coloring at home or in a salon, you may want to consider using regular deep conditioning treatments a few weeks before so as to get your hair in the right shape. This is especially the case if your hair is damaged.

Try using extra-hydrating conditioner on a regular basis and deep conditioning treatment once a week in order to help restore your damaged hair. You may also want to use a leave-in conditioner to offer your hair additional boosts during hot weather and also for preventing more damage during styling.

So when is the last day for conditioning your hair before the coloring appointment day?

You are supposed to apply a deep conditioner three days before your hair is colored. When doing so, allow the conditioner to relax in your hair for a minimum of 20 minutes for it to penetrate the inner layer of your hair shaft. This is where the only living matter that belongs to your hair strands exists. If you are in a hurry to get over with the deep conditioning process in around ten minutes, wrap your hair using a hot towel.

In the last one to two days before coloring your hair avoid applying any styling products. Wash your hair and ensure to massage the first two or three inches of the hair to make sure that all the hair products are thoroughly washed out of your hair shafts. It is critical to give room for your body’s natural oils to pile up on your scalp and form a thin film that will protect your scalp from potential irritation.

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Why Conditioning Hair Before Coloring is Important

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